123 Profit Reviews (MUST READ) Does it Really Work?

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123 Profit course by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton is an exciting, but shockingly simple business model that can help you create a fully profitable online venture that earns 4 to 5 figures per day. 123 Profit is a perfect way for newbies as well as established online sellers to make good sums of money through CPA marketing. The concept of 123 Profit was initiated by two masterminds, Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. It was then restructured and fine-tuned over a period of seven months to generate the utmost results. 

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Considering the surging popularity of the 123 Profit program, you may have already heard a lot about it. The program is often described as an effective CPA marketing plan that is simple yet quite lucrative which helps you to set up a highly profitable CPA marketing campaign in just a matter of a few weeks. 

It usually takes individuals years to simply begin with such a campaign. Since the idea is quite surprising, you may have your fair share of doubts regarding different aspects of this model. This full-fledged 123 Profit review is based on the findings of thorough research made by the Industry’s experts and Beta students. 

Read on further to get answers to all your burning questions and learn about a legit program that can make your dreams come true!

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123 Profit Reviews

123 Profit is a training program that is focused on giving your business the right twist to achieve the highest profitability margins. 123 Profit is an 8-week training model that works through CPA marketing to generate good returns without the normal hassle of running an online business. 

The program is free from issues like inventory or product fulfillment setups. It does not require any technical website or customer support to work properly. Your role in this program is that of a ‘middle man’. You are the connection between the people dealing with online business problems and the effective solutions that can overcome those problems. 

The connection that you will provide will be the source of massive amounts of commissions. In fact, the method is so effective that both Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton have claimed to have earned around $10,568.35 in just one day! This is why both founders have decided to use this method in a course named ‘123 Profit’ to benefit other people in generating maximum results. 

To have a look at some of the recent results generated by the company, visit the official website to better understand the income possibilities produced by this method. 

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How Does The 123 Profit Program Work?

According to the claims of the 123 Profit Program team, you just need to follow three simple steps to make five figures each day. Aiden offers a free ebook named  ‘The Big secret’ which explains how this system works in great detail. This ebook suggests that you can implement and start with this system right away by understanding the following stages: 

Step 1: Choosing the Best CPA offers on Profitability

To begin with this system, the first step is to identify five high-converting offers as a base for your campaigns. Popular affiliate networks like MaxBounty or Flex Offers often take several days before accepting applications from new affiliates. Aidan however provides a special deal for all the networks. He ensures that his new 123 Profit Mentees, regardless of their experience, get approved as soon as possible. 

In fact, rather than choosing offers randomly, you will be selecting offers after a careful evaluation of their daily conversion rate, average payout, and EPCs. 

Some examples of CPA offers that have a pay rate of $100 or above per lead include products for skin care, weight loss, gift cards, insurance programs, diet items, and more. Once you select the best five offers that you are willing to promote, you can move on to the next step. 

Step 2: Setting Up Your WebPage

Rather than having a proper website for each of your offers, you will be required to have a simple landing page. You do not need to know anything about website coding or design because your landing page will just contain a bunch of words to get the work done. 

To create this page, you will get a custom landing page software solution with the 123 Profit course. This is a drag-and-drop builder that will help 123 Profit mentees easily create a webpage for maximum conversions and profit without any design or coding. 

As soon as somebody lands on your page, you will be able to read the information and take immediate action. This generates your commission by just sitting in front of your computer screen. Your prospective customers will decide whether to join your official email list, where you will be able to sell more to them or make a purchase from you by considering you as an online affiliate. 

Any page you create will only consist of small paragraphs with a word count of a maximum of 300 words. When visitors land on your page, they will first notice the main heading, the short description regarding your offer, and the call to action. 

This reflects how straightforward this 123 Profit System actually is. It does not demand you to have any specific knowledge regarding the products you are selling. It also does not require previous marketing or sales experience for you to work successfully. Just by setting up your landing page with the help of the model’s software, you have fulfilled your part to start the earning process automatically. 

Once you are done with this core process of the program, you can then move on to the next step.

Step 3: Sending Traffic and Measuring Campaigns

Since this method does not require you to have any inventory, you just need authentic customers to go on with the process. The founder of this process has already solved this issue by offering two ways to gain customers. One way is through free traffic and the other is through paid traffic. It is up to you to choose either one of the two measures, or even choose both after considering your budget and promotion criteria. 

Both founders have shown tremendous results by using a cheap strategy to generate traffic. They first decide on the most profitable offers that will convert the best. Then they move on to generating traffic from various other means such as paid Google and Facebook Ads and tools for Search Engine Optimization. This leads to speedy results and maximum outcomes which is why you will also be using this same strategy for ideal earnings. 

The purpose of this 123 Profit training is to teach and mentor you extensively on how to use low-cost traffic sources for your targeted ROIs. This means you can get your dream results in just a matter of days. 

Once you run this process for a few days, you will also be able to understand which CPA offers to lead to the highest conversion rates. At this stage, you can halt your average performing offers and focus more on high-yielders to generate more and more revenue. 

As soon as you are done with these three simple steps, you will be able to generate income on a quicker basis. You will then need to scale up your spending to generate more traffic. The more traffic you send, the greater the commissions you generate and once you get a hold of this, you can double your earnings by continuing with the scaling, rinsing, and repeating the process. 

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What are the Risks of The 123 Profit System?

One of the potential risks that nobody talks about is the disinterest developed by some of the users of the program in the very beginning. Like every other work that generates revenue, the 123 Profit program also requires its user to be passionate throughout this process. This model alone does not do all the work for you which means you must be willing to follow every step of this curriculum without losing your interest to make it a success. 

Even though you will be taught by the industry’s experts, Adian Booth and Steve Clayton, and will have a software that will take away your tedious workload, you will still have to put in your efforts in the beginning to generate that 6-figure profit margin. 

The first few weeks of this training program are very crucial. You will be actively required to use the support system for at least 5 to 10 hours of the week. You must also learn, understand and use its tools, documents, resources, attend one-to-one zoom training calls, and ask valid questions during the live sessions. 

Additional Learnings From 123 Profit Program:

Apart from generating your targeted levels of profit, this course teaches you a lot more skills and knowledge that will help you to build a steady stream of revenue for years to come.

  • You learn to set up your own landing page by using minimum words.
  • You learn the strategy behind this 123 Profit program
  • You learn three secret steps used by Aidan’s team to ensure consistent profits
  • You learn to achieve a 7-figure income without having to sell anything
  • You learn to generate a higher commission and conversion rate
  • You learn to implement a combination of shortcuts for the success of this system
  • You learn how the beta testers of this course got life-changing results.
  • You learn how to establish and unlock your own automation suite for a great career

Is 123 Profit Suitable For Me?

The best thing about this online training course is that it is suitable for everybody. To successfully operate this digital marketing system you just need to make a promise to yourself to spend some quality time in setting it up. 

You can use this method without any prior knowledge or experience in any particular field. You even do not need to research any of the items that you will be promoting. If you are tired of satisfying your boss and working 40 hours a week, this system is the perfect way out for you. Here you can be your own boss and work comfortably from the vicinity of your own house. 

Advantages of This 3-Step 123 Profit System:

Apart from offering you an opportunity to make thousands of dollars each month, the 123 Profit course also puts forward several benefits that you can enjoy:

  1. It does not require any selling
  2. It does not demand you to create products
  3. It requires you to input as little as twenty-seven words to generate profits
  4. It gets instant traffic
  5. It does not require any customer service
  6. It provides rewards in little time
  7. It allows you to work in your spare time
  8. It generates high conversion rates
  9. It does not require any inventory
  10. It is a fun and enjoyable process

123 Profit is a lot more than a normal training course. It is actually an asset that can be flipped anytime for tremendous earnings. One of its biggest perks is the speed at which it starts to earn income. According to its founder Adian Booth:

“Profit 123 has enough potential to generate sufficient income so you can do whatever you want – now and forever. So long as you put in the work and make the effort, you can have your own profitable business which practically runs itself.”

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Understanding of CPA Marketing Behind The 123 Profit System:

Cost per action is a type of affiliate marketing where the advertiser rewards the affiliate with a certain amount of bonus for generating leads. This could be as simple as a user just filling up a survey form, signing up for a weekly newsletter, or making a purchase from the official website. 

This form of marketing is based upon a specific kind of action taken by the targeted customers. So for instance, instead of getting paid for a single click, the affiliate marketer is paid when the visitor provides his/her email for regular updates. 

To direct the best advertising campaigns, make sure that you are using an offer that your targeted audience will be genuinely interested in. Always pick offers from a reputable company and ensure there is a good payout rate. 

123 Profit Course Price and Bonus Deals

If you can pay one lump-sum payment for the program then it will only cost you $3,479. However, if you are unable to spend this amount all at once then you can opt for an installment plan in which you will have to pay $997 each month for a period of 4 months.

Since the installment plan sums up to $3988, it is more costly than the one-time payment plan. So if you are looking for a discount offer, you should definitely go for the one-time payment fee to save a total of $491. 

To sign up for 123 Profit training today with bonuses, visit the official website of the program here.

123 Profit Bonus Packages:

The founder of this course, Aidan Booth, has also constructed a unique package for $8000. This consists of valuable bonuses that you can easily claim from the official website without having to pay any additional costs. 

The bonus packages include:

  1. Bonus Package 1 – PROFIT X ( includes 100 additional live training session for a period of 6 months) for $8000
  2. Bonus Package 2 – THE MILLIONAIRE MINDSET ( includes 70 exclusive videos) for $ 997.
  3. Bonus Package 3 – EXCLUSIVE RECORDINGS ( includes videos from live events) for $ 497

In case of dissatisfaction, Aiden also offers a 30-Day money-back guarantee which makes all of these packages worth a try. If you do not like any aspect of the course, you will be refunded the full amount in the very first month.

123 Profit Reviews Final Verdict: Is it Worth Buying?

123 Profit course is one of the best online opportunities to generate a consistent and steady source of income. It is basically the mastermind of the two best CPA marketing experts who have found the ultimate method to connect the right people with the right offers at a suitable time.  By generating traffic through both free and paid methods, this program teaches you an extremely profitable skill that will benefit you for years to come.

If you have the budget to make the payment right now, investment in this course will definitely prove to be one of the most fruitful decisions of your life. Unlike most CPA programs, 123 Profit provides authentic and detailed content that has been previously tested to reap maximum results. 

If you have made up your mind, fill out the online enrollment form right now to benefit from amazing discounts and bonuses before the 123 Profit program reaches its full capacity.

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123 Profit Real Reviews: Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Q) How do I start working with CPA marketing?

To initiate your earning process with CPA marketing you need to first join a CPA online network, find good offers and promote them.

  1. Q) How do I get successful in CPA marketing?

For ultimate success, you need to choose the correct offers and continuously test and optimize them. Track and analyze your results to meet your set targets. 

  1. Q) Is the 123 Profit program authentic?

According to authentic 123 Profit reviews, interviews, and testimonials from the official website, the program is completely one of the best and completely legit as it also offers a money-back guarantee. 

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