EcoPlus (EcoChip) Fuel Saver Reviews – MUST Read This Before Buying!

EcoPlus (also marketed as EcoChip) is a breakthrough fuel-saving technology that helps car owners save money. This is a device with claims to save fuel. The EcoPlus fuel saver is designed to work with the OBD2 Connector of your vehicle to rewire the engine to take less fuel thereby reducing the overall fuel consumption of your car. EcoPlus is an advanced technology that helps you save money on gas pumps.

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EcoPlus is basically a chip/tuning box added to your vehicle’s engine for fuel-efficiency. Introducing it to your car engine helps to cut back the additional money spent on fuel as it prevents fuel overconsumption. According to the official website, this tiny chip has completely revolutionized the automobile world. The manufacturers of this device claim to have helped many consumers manage fuel inefficiency issues in their vehicles without spending big money.

The EcoPlus fuel saver uses OBD2 protocols to reprogram the engine control unit of your car thereby ensuring your car consume less fuel.

This device is easy to install and it has no effect on the speed of a car. Cars on EcoPlus fuel saver run long distances without much demand for extra fuels. The EcoPlus fuel saver makes sure that your vehicle is operating at peak efficiency to save you money at all time. Many people are ignorant of this product and have abandoned their vehicles because of lack of money to fuel them. To learn more about this fuel saver, is important you take your time and go through this EcoPlus review.

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EcoPlus Features

In order to understand fully well how the EcoPlus fuel saver works and why you might need this product, then it is necessary to highlight some of the features of this device.

Improves Car Fuel Efficiency: It is not expected for your car to be in the same working condition as it was when you newly purchased it. The car will depreciate in value with time; it is called wear and tear. It happens to every physical product as long as they are constantly been used, their value always tend to reduce. The EcoPlus fuel saver helps to decrease the rate your car engine wears off. This device is like a mini-computer that you plug into your car. It tells your car’s computer where the fuel inefficiencies are and how to correct them.

Saves Money on Gas — If you calculate how much you spend on fuels every month, you will be surprise that it is enough to purchase a new car. Most people that travel miles to work every day always prefer to use train because they don’t have much money to fuel their car. This is where EcoPlus fuel saver comes in, this product regulate the extent your car engine makes use of fuel, making sure you spend less money fueling your car no matter the destination. EcoPlus fuel saver allows you to live a luxurious life with less cost.

Easy Installation: This device is easy to install as it doesn’t require the help of a mechanic to get them working. There is no need for special technical knowledge of the device to set it up for use. Its working modalities are straight forward and do not have any complicated control or difficult setting. It comes with user’s manual (guide) that has steps on how to use this device. This manual also guide on ways to install and maintain the product.

Lower Vehicle Emissions: The major contributor of global warming is ozone layer depletion. Many things can cause ozone layer depletion but the most identifiable one is hydrocarbon pollution. The major source of CO2 pollution is from combustible vehicles. Global warming has lead to climate changes that are detrimental to human health. EcoPlus fuel saver is also in the fight against global warming and climate change and this is why it has installed in this device a feature that reduces the amount of emissions produced by the car.

Compact in Size: EcoPlus fuel saver has all its necessary features closely and neatly packed in a small space. So while traveling or on a business trip, you do not need to worry about being uncomfortable because of the device.

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How EcoPlus Fuel Saver Works?

As per the official website, EcoFuel chip can be easily plugged into the OBD2 connector of your car to reduce fuel consumption. It works based on OBD2 protocols which involves remapping the car’s computer ECU. The EcoPlus accesses the information from the car computer ECU via the OBD2 connector. With this information from ECU, the EcoPlus works by adjusting the boost pressure, the quantity of fuel, injection timing and the overall functioning of your car. As per the official website,

  • This product helps to protect our atmosphere from ozone layer depletion. It also helps to fight against climate change. They do all these by reducing the amount of CO2 cars emit while in motion.
  • EcoPlus fuel saver is in form of matchbox, lightweight and small. They can easily fit into your pocket without much stress. This device is small but mighty in its function as their function is nothing to compare to its size.
  • The EcoPlus is safe for human health. They also protect your car engine from wears and tears. Once installed, the EcoPlus fuel saver only comes on when your ignition is on.
  • This device increases your vehicle’s horsepower and torque.
  • The EcoPlus helps you enhance your vehicle ECU by optimizing your car fuel consumption according to your driving habits.
  • You may save money using this device as there is less need to buy fuel. Note: results may vary.

How to Use EcoPlus Fuel Saver?

EcoPlus fuel saver is basic to install in any vehicle, regardless of your technical knowledge. Below are steps that will guide you on how to use this device:

Step 1: Gently turn off your ignition and remove the key from the ignition.

Step 2: Carefully try to locate the OBD2 port in your car. Every vehicle manufactured after 1996 should have an OBD2 connector that is accessible at the driver side of any vehicle. They are located in most vehicles either the upper left or the lower right side of your steering wheel. It is covered by a rubber, so you have to remove such cover before you can access this connector. In some vehicles, they are located behind the dashboard, in front of the console or around the glove box depending on the vehicle.

Step 3: Once you locate the OBD2 port, you can connect the EcoPlus to it.

Step 4: Try to start your car engine once again but this time around hold the reset button on EcoPlus for five seconds. Then release the button and wait another 30-60 seconds

Step 5: The vehicle is now ready to drive. You can try driving 150 miles to test run how compatible this device is with your car. If you don’t notice any fault, then you can leave the EcoPlus connected to your car OBD2 while you drive for the next few days.

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Pros and Cons


  • It is safe to use
  • It saves you a lot of money
  • EcoPlus fuel saver is eco-friendly
  • It is highly compatible with many type of vehicle
  • It reduces the amount of fuel your car consumes
  • It enhances your vehicle ECU
  • They boost your car horsepower
  • It comes with 3 years warranty


  • It comes in limited stock
  • Only available online
  • They don’t last forever

Price and Where to Buy EcoPlus Chip?

This product is only available online and you can make a purchase via the official website using this link. The official website is much secured as they make use of strong security such as the Norton, VeriSing and McAfee. You can make payment via the website using mainly credit cards and PayPal services. Below are the various price options of this product:

  • 1 x EcoPlus cost $39.99
  • 2 x EcoPlus cost $69.98 with each at $34.99
  • 3 x EcoPlus cost $82.95 with each at $27.65
  • 4 x EcoPlus cost $99.40 with each at $24.85

Buy one unit and see how this product works before you buy in bulk. There is 50% discount the original price and a 30-days money-back guarantee when you make a purchase via the official website

Final Verdict

From the details gathered, EcoPlus fuel saver seems like a product worth trying out. It claims to save you a lot of money and still helps maintain your car engine. Cars on EcoPlus rarely pollute the environment as the device is eco-friendly. The EcoPlus is very affordable and doesn’t require extra hands to install them. It can work on any vehicle that make use of OBD2 protocol, so all vehicle manufactured after 1996 are qualified to use this product. Rush now and purchase this device and enjoy a vehicle with high horsepower and consume less fuel. You can also order for your partner, friends and colleagues.

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