The Kibo Code Review – Must Read This Before Buying

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What is The Kibo Code?

The Kibo Code is an online course spanning the duration of 8 weeks and comprising of six modules. It comes from names that are widely known in the online sphere. These are also professionals who have previously released valuable online courses.

The course is fresh, and has gained a lot of popularity among people who want to earn decent income online. It teaches you to sell products on the internet without relying on e-commerce giants like Amazon. And since it comes from people have already tested these tactics, you are in for a lot of learning, a lot of success, and a lot of money making.

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The Kibo Code is a new ecommerce course that teaches you to sell a variety of products online. Information packed into this 8-week course is divided into six modules, which each module highlights a new aspect of making money online. The course comes from Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth, reputable professionals in the internet world.

The central concept of this online course is based on a brick and mortar Japanese store that sells a wide pool of products. The working process there is simple: the store sells everything, all sorts of products and works from optimizing from there. They note which products are selling the best and which aren’t.

From there on, they put their best-selling products on areas where they catch their customers’ eyes the most and vice versa. Aidan and Steve have followed the same approach but used the technique in their online store. Thanks to this process, they have made a fortune in the past two years.

Now, these two masterminds are sharing their secret to success in this course, and the cart closes soon. Payment for this course is via safe channels like PayPal and there is also a money back guarantee in place. Hence, your purchase is safe because if you are not satisfied, then you can always have your money back.

FYI: Aidan and Steve are doing a new live webinar presentation about the business model today (with more case studies, example products that have worked and a live QnA). You can register for this new Masterclass here.
Steps to Profit
1. Setup Shopify Store
You register the minimum Shopify plan for $29 a month, then you use these guys software to quickly install a basic storefront. We’ve worked with Shopify and it really is simple. It’s basically WordPress for E-commerce.
Crucially in this model, you don’t “pick a niche”, but you start a generic store, so that you can go where ever there’s a profit, selling products in multiple different markets, and expanding regularly over time.
2. Add to it products from US Dropshipper
Inside the KIBO code there’s a database and tool that helps you find products you’ll be able to sell on your site. They’re products from tens of thousands of different niches, and they’re all from US dropshipping companies.
There are millions of these products, and you only need a handful of winners to make a really profitable site, so don’t expect big competition from other members.
The products come with “product feeds”, so when you choose one, you plug the feed into your Shopify site, and all the product images, descriptions, prices etc get sucked over to your site, and suddenly display there.
From that point, your site is ready to sell stuff.
The dropshipping setup is automated so that when someone places an order on your site, you get paid (to your bank account, to Paypal, however you like) and it automatically goes to the dropshipper, who fulfills the order.
We got the question “How do you actually pay the dropshipper?” and Aidan said this:
“There is software that can do it… we do it manually. We’ll explain pros and cons of each… at scale though, we just hire VA’s because they work out better (less errors essentially). You only hire help once you’ve got sales coming in, so you’re never out of pocket.”
Step 3: Run Google Shopping Ads
Now that your site is ready to sell, you can send traffic.
Google Shopping ads are great not just because of the relatively low cost, but because of how easy they are to setup.
  • It’s not like Facebook where you have to “target an audience” and get lucky by finding one that’s profitable.
  • And it’s not like Adwords where you have to select the right keywords.
You turn on a campaign and Google Shopping literally just pulls the data from your site and shows your shopping ads on relevant search terms.
So you set the campaign that you don’t want to pay more than X cents per click (because that’s a number that would make this product profitable, assuming a certain conversion rate. Aidan and Steve will teach you all of these metrics) and you wait.
If you get clicks for that cheap, you wait a little more to confirm the conversion rates are good and the campaign is profitable. If it’s not profitable you pause it. Maybe you spend $5 or $10 on the test. If it IS profitable you’ve got your first income stream.
The rest is rinse/repeat.
Q: What’s the “Work” of this business?
A: It’s consistently finding new products in the database, starting new ad campaigns for those new products, and checking the performance of the ads regularly to cut the losers and optimize the winners.
That said, one of the Beta-Students only needed 3 successful “winner” products to get to $2,500 a day, so it’s good to know that’s possible.
Later as you get much bigger (I would think upwards of $1,000 a day) your work will become more about building your team, and training VAs to take tasks off your hands.
Q: Who Should NOT Join?
We DO NOT recommend starting this kind of business (or any new business for that matter):
  • If this is a stretch financially. This program is a significant investment and every business includes risk. If you “need” to make money in the next X days, starting any new business isn’t the way to do it.
  • If you won’t have time to work on it. After you join you’ll be learning the business, watching videos taking the training and following the action steps. If you’re not going to have at least 10 hours a week to focus on that, you won’t get the results you want.
  • If you’ve got too much else going on. Someone asked me (Andrew) this week why I wasn’t going to be starting a KIBO code site myself. I replied:“We have Digital Worth Academy, our niche sites, I’m involved in my wife’s E-commerce business, we have two toddlers, a baby due in March… and I’m trying really hard to learn how to make sourdough bread 🙂I would love to give this model a try if circumstances were different.”Knowing when you’re full and when to say “No” is a skill we all need to practice.

That’s It

Remember you can click here to register for the new live Masterclass about the business model happening today (more case studies, example products that have worked and live QnA). 

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With The Kibo Code method, here’s what you DON’T need:

…No market research… no product creation…no inventory… and no fiddling about with Facebook and Amazon accounts.

These stores make BILLIONS of dollars every year selling literally every single type of product you can possibly imagine.

Everything from Towels, to TV’s to Trenchcoats to Tamagochi’s…

They fill their store up with products and see what sells. Put the best-selling products in more visible places to their (foot) traffic and remove what does not sell. Then continue to add new products, remove, replace and optimize others, in order to maximize their conversions and increase their profits.

The big focus here is on PRODUCTS, NOT NICHES – and with this method, you can potentially reach a $2K per day run rate with just 3 products!

We do exactly the same – but the difference is that we do it online.

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– Why you need NO experience to get up and running yourself.

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Plus, they are going to be holding a live Q&A session to answer any questions you have.

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Should You Buy The Kibo Code?

Conclusively, The Kibo Code is a thorough program that teaches you how to make money in the ecommerce section online. It packs tried and true strategies by experts who have already made millions using these tactics. The program is very easy to consume as it is written in simple language and addresses all possible questions that you may have in your mind. You should definitely go for The Kibo Code.