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Burn Calories In 12 Weeks

Ladies, are you tired of taking lengthy and expensive classes of yoga and exercise from the best institute in town? And still you do not see the change in your weight, which you were expecting in the end of the classes? So, here is a complete guide, Yoga Burn Program, created by Zoe Bray-Cotton – a certified yoga instructor and personal trainer, it helps the women to get into their desired shape within 12 weeks, which does not only help you burn the calories by yoga, but also teach how to perform the true moves of Yoga and then continue to adapt the challenge, which your body will sooner get used to of. These yoga burn videos bring up the real meaning of moving calories burning, mediation and mind-relaxation in the shortest amount of time.

The Yoga Burn Program comprises of three phases, Foundational, Transitional and Mastery, which are recorded in a series of different videos and each video is of 45 minutes. The three videos, 45 minutes each, are a week package and the customer is motivated to complete the three videos per week and if willing so the customer can also complete the bonus video with the other 3 videos.

What these three phases are, let’s know a little detail about it.

yoga burn


The First Phase:

This is the first phase or the foundational phase, which is also called the building phase of Yoga. The first four weeks are very important for the beginners as the video will teach you the basics of strong yoga practice and will start shaping your muscle. It will guide you how to maintain the true postures of yoga. It will also teach you independent moves of yoga in a flow so you can later join these with the moves that are taught in the next phase.

The Second Phase:

This is the phase 2, or transitional phase, which is dedicated to teach you how to combine the moves that are taught in the phase 1. The smooth moves of the first phase joint with the moves of second phase will allow you to burn calories and raised heart rate. When the practice reaches at phase 2 then the body starts adapting the changes and it becomes a routine for practicing these moves. Each video focuses on the muscles which easily gets fat on them. This phase feels really good to the consumer because by now you have stepped in the phase where you have to mix up the yoga movements which you learnt in phase one with following the movements from the lessons of phase 2.

The Third Phase:

The third phase, officially called as Mastery flow phase, is an exciting phase. Yes, because every person wants to jump to the results and Yoga Burn takes you nearer to the results each week. In this phase the metabolic system of the body fires up and transforms your body in shapes you have never imagined you could get in.

Each videos layout and teaching is different from the other but more repetition of each pose is in every video. The Yoga Burn teaches you to combine the moves of upper and lower body. Phase 3 is the reaping phase of the seeds of efforts you sowed in the first phase (the Yoga posture learning phase). This phase enables the body to reduce fat quickly and opens the body towards relaxation and peaceful burn

What Yoga Burn Is Offering?

The Yoga Burn Program is a complete set of videos that not only take the body out of obesity by healthier workouts and nutrition but also leads the mind towards motivation that is a must ingredient before doing any task.

This program offers a list of benefits that the program offers;

  • The program ends in 12 weeks giving you the desired body shape in the healthiest way possible.
  • It is accessible for every women who want to lose the weight quickly; the Yoga Burn program does not discriminate the beginners or the masters, but it is for everyone.
  • It does not only help the person in just reducing weight, but it nourishes the mind and body as well by bringing positive attitude and motivations through Yoga.
  • The program has videos of 45 minutes which means that the Yoga Burn Program is not lengthy and hectic for the fat people. It does not indulge you for long in work outs, but let you relax and work out so you can focus on the weight reduction and delightfully practice it except seeking to get rid of the program.
  • Lastly, if you can not see the above advantages of the Yoga Burn Program and not satisfied with the results then the program offers you 60 days full money back burn

Cost Of The Program

The cost of the Yoga Burn program is amazingly cheap and that is only $37 with a confident “YES” to complete money back guarantee in 60 days.



The Yoga Burn program is worth buying because it gives nothing in return except healthier and fitter body to the women who have been tired trying workouts and giving hours in the gyms and eating less, but still not achieving the goal of a shaped body.

However ladies, this is once in a lifetime offer to avail to get back in shape which you miss. Nobody would offer you the health benefits in such low amount with 60 days money back guarantee. Lets shop the Yoga Burn Program and bring healthy life and slimmer body to yourself. yoga burn

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