My Bikini Belly-Might Just Be the Best Weight Loss Program for Older Women

my bikini belly

My Bikini Belly Might Just Be the Best Weight Loss Program for Older Women

While there are many guides available for losing weight, there really aren’t many that are targeted towards elder people — especially women. Many people believe, older people have a harder time reducing weight, as their metabolic system is much lower than someone who is in their prime; they also have less energy to work with as a result of this and cannot often make too many changes to their diet due to health concerns. Not just that, but their body also doesn’t quite react to many of the exercise or methods listed on the normal guides in a way that the body of a younger person would.

This is precisely why many people above the age of 35, and women especially among them, find it difficult, if not absolutely impossible to set a goal in their mind which is to lose weight. However, these concerns can be said to be a thing of the past as Shawna Kaminski has managed to fix this issue for everyone facing it once and for all, by introducing her magnificent My Bikini Belly program.

The Details of the My Bikini Belly Program

My Bikini Belly is aimed towards women who are around the age of 35 or older. The thing is, the many exercises and guides that are commonly available online, and in guides not only prove to be marginally beneficial for people of an older age group, but in many cases can do a lot to damage their bodies than actually provide relief from the dire problem of excessive weight or obesity.

However, Shawna states that by following her program women of the age of 35 will see much faster changes in their body, than of any other age group, as her My Bikini Belly program consists of many different exercises made especially to work efficiently and quickly on this particular age group.

my bikini belly

The program comes grouped with workouts that are especially made to benefit you, and are thus quite different from the age-old workouts weight loss “experts” have been telling you to follow for ages, even if they provide little to no benefit. In this guide, Shawna takes the aid of Metabolic Activation Training, a process in which your body’s system’s all work together to help you lose weight. It’s definitely an interesting method that isn’t what most people refer to as their ‘go-to’ way of losing weight, but the fact that is it is so unorthodox only makes it more appealing to try out, in my opinion, as you could stumble upon some excellent weight losing methods that have not yet been recognized by the mainstream industry.

The My Bikini Belly program while guide you through three very important phases that will assist you in bringing positive changes into your body, and ultimately will lead to you losing weight, and becoming a much lighter, healthier and fit version of yourself.

It states that the first step towards a healthier body is to switch off your menopause genes, then you are required to switch on a hormone in your body that quickly starts to help you lose belly fat, and finally you will learn to boost your metabolism to the extreme, making it so you have tons of energy, and are losing weight at a very accelerated pace.

my bikini belly

Pros of the My Bikini Belly

My Bikini Belly is definitely worth a try for all women that are above the age of 35 and are struggling to discover a way to lose weight that is just right for them. The market may be littered with guides upon guides of weight loss tactics but very few, if any actually apply to women over the age of 35, rather they are targeted more towards young adults.

As such, My Bikini Belly should be your prime candidate when selecting a weight loss program. It’s well written, and certainly allows women to learn a lot about their bodies, while also being able to reduce the weight they’ve gained. It makes them very lighter generally, and allows them to be more aware of what is really is that is beneficial for their body, and what it is that they should remove.

So, to put it all in perspective My Bikini Belly gives you all the necessary things you’ll need to know for a healthier weight loss plan for women above 35, and will guide you through the process of turning off your “menopause genes” and boosting your metabolism.


Is the Price Worth It?

My Bikini Belly is a well composed and excellently written guide that is detailed with all the necessary things women must know about their bodies. Priced at $15, this is a good deal for women of all ages, and is they door through which they can unlock their perfect ‘bikini belly’.

my bikini belly


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